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I am trying to start a database using ASA, but get this error message: Database cannot be started -- server must be upgraded to start "d:lagerhotlagerhot.db" (capability 26 missing)

I have searched helpdocs and this forum, but I can't find what capability 26 is/does. I know we use this database at work with the same version om ASA, and it works fine there, but I can't get it to work locally on my laptop. What I have done is to make a copy of the database and installed ASA 8 (as we use at work), intending to do some testing/delevopment and tutorials for new employees.

I am not experienced in databases, ASA or SQL, but work in a warehouse storage company that uses ASA db's for controlling inventory.

Regards Kjetil

asked 12 Feb '12, 10:20

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The current definition of "capability 26" is "outer joins" so that makes absolutely no sense... the OUTER JOIN clause has been is SQL Anywhere from long before Version 8, and the *= style has been around longer than that.

The only reference to "capability 26 missing" I can find on the interweb involved MobiLink... somehow... the resolution was not clearly explained.

If you don't get a real answer on this forum in the next two days, try calling tech support.

(12 Feb '12, 11:19) Breck Carter
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I think you are confusing OMNI/CIS/RDA capabilities with database file format capabilities. The error that is being reported is referring to a database file format capability - see my answer for more details.

(12 Feb '12, 13:56) Mark Culp
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It's not the first time I've been confused about capabilities. alt text

(12 Feb '12, 15:24) Breck Carter

Am I right that these database file format capabilities are not accessable from within the database, in contrast to those entries w.r.t. remote data access from SYSCAPABILITYNAME/SYSCAPABILITY?

(12 Feb '12, 15:25) Volker Barth

You can access the database capabilities using db_property() - - example: db_property('capabilities') will give the full set of bits but some capabilities (bits) can be access directly - example: db_property('HasEndianSwapFix') and db_property('HasTornWriteFix')

(12 Feb '12, 15:55) Mark Culp

You are trying to start a database that has been created using a newer version of the software (i.e. newer than 8.0.2 build 3601). The error refers to a database file format capability that is present in your database that the version of the software that you are using (i.e. does not know how to handle - capability 26 refers to a change made to the way that index statistics are maintained.

Capability 26 was introduced in 9.0.0 build 483 (i.e. pre-GA) and therefore you need to use at least ASA 9.0.0 database server to start your database.

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answered 12 Feb '12, 13:53

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Mark Culp
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Hi again!

Thank you for answering my question. And you were right. I thought I had the same version installed on my pc, but I didn't. A quick little update, and everything worked fine! Now I am accessing the database through Excel, and it works fine. Now just need to learn a little SQL-language to get the data sorted right...


(19 Feb '12, 02:29) Kjetil
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