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Are there any known issues when using the EnityConnection and doing a storedprocedure call with an ExectueNonQuery()? This call is always throwing an 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'. But looking at the stack the error happens on a System.Data.EntityClientEntityDataReader.Close(). I'm wondering if it is a bug since two steps earlier in the stack it issued a System.Data.EntityClient.EntityDataReader.Dispose(). When walking through the code in debug the error is thrown inside the ExecuteNonQuery() call. However, the code in the stored procedure is executed. As a work around I have put a try/catch around the ExecuteNonQuery() call. I am using Visual Studio 2008 and the 3.5 framework, connecting to Sybase 12.0 using iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere.

asked 09 Feb '12, 13:41

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What happens, if you use the executenonquery for any other call not involving the stored procedure?

(16 Feb '12, 02:40) Martin

Please show the code, and the full error stack.

Try asking a specific question like "How do I fix this exact problem?"... it might get an answer, whereas open-ended non-specific questions like "Are there any known issues?" will never get an answer.

(16 Feb '12, 09:27) Breck Carter
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