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After change SA10 to SA12 (Linux 12.0.1 EBF 3311) during our product installation process preparing database for product sometimes(relative rarely) we get Unexpected Communication error during SQL statement - ALTER DBSPACE ADD Example -

Error! The connection to the database was closed by the server.
  Communication error
  SQLCODE=-85, ODBC 3 State="08S01"
  File: "sql.3692" on line 1, column 1
  alter dbspace STAT_DB add 2048 MB
In database log file we can see standart connection termination message
Feb  9 15:02:44 nx120 SQLAnywhere(56850004_allot_ltc): Connection terminated abnormally
Feb  9 15:02:44 nx120 SQLAnywhere(56850004_allot_ltc): Disconnected TCPIP client's AppInfo: IP=;HOST=nx120;OSUSER=root;OS='Linux 2.6.18-194.el5 #1 SMP Fri Apr 2 14:58:14 EDT 2010 x';EXE=/opt/sybase/sqlanywhere12/bin32/dbisql;PID=0x30c4;THREAD=0xb1c5eb90;VERSION=;API=iAnywhereJDBC;TIMEZONEADJUSTMENT=120
According to size of database file we can see that size of dbspace file is according to required size in alter statement. Statement is running from dbisql command from file contain only this one line Example -
 ${SQLANY12}/bin/dbisql -nogui -onerror exit -c "links=tcpip(host=localhost;port=${port};dobroadcast=none;verify=no)
      ;uid=nms;pwd=allot" ${ALLOT_HOME}/tmp/sql.3692

What can be reason for this problem!?

Thanks in advance, Hanan Brener

asked 09 Feb '12, 10:14

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Mark Culp

What's the exact SQL command that's being run from the file? Is it the 'system' dbspace being modified or a separate dbspace?

If you ran your procedure over and over, how often are you seeing it failing? Can you reliably reproduce it if your install process is scripted to run over and over? If so, would it be possible for you to submit a reproducible of this as a potential bug to us? ( )

(10 Feb '12, 10:51) Jeff Albion

SQL command run from file is alter dbspace STAT_DB add 2048 MB Before this command was command - alter dbspace SYSTEM add 100 MB It happens relative rarely than it is dificult reproduce this problem

(12 Feb '12, 03:41) HBrener

It looks like some kind of communication problem on the connection between client (dbisql) and server (dbeng12 or dbsrv12). The dbeng12 -z command line parameter and the LogFile connection parameter may provide more information. See

It is extremely unlikely that SQLCODE -85 indicates any kind of problem or bug inside the server itself.

(12 Feb '12, 09:36) Breck Carter
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