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If someone posted an answer to my question which I don't think helpfull, I would like to say: "That question is still unanwered", so that it will be displayed when clicking the unanswered button. Is that possible?

asked 19 Nov '09, 10:56

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Reimer Pods
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edited 11 Jan '14, 07:56

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Graeme Perrow

FYI it was me who zapped the tags, for the time being I believe that general classification tags will be more useful than "search keyword" tags... since there are multiple search facilities that do a great job.

(19 Nov '09, 14:11) Breck Carter

The "Unanswered" button lists questions that have no upvoted answers. If you downvote the answer, it will still show up there. Of course if someone else upvotes it, there's nothing you can do. If, when you downvote, you also add a comment as to why it is unsufficient, that may prevent others from upvoting the answer.

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answered 19 Nov '09, 14:41

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Graeme Perrow
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IMHO that's precise and complete. Thanks!

(19 Nov '09, 15:20) Reimer Pods

It took more than a minute to realize that for downvoting (even for answers to my own question) I need higher reputation. So there's work to be done ...

(19 Nov '09, 15:24) Reimer Pods

Looks like you won the SQLA Lottery!

(20 Nov '09, 11:33) Breck Carter

I think you can use votes (up and down) and comments.

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answered 19 Nov '09, 11:42

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+1 for comments. It's a great way to get more information from the person who posted since they'll get a response notification.

(19 Nov '09, 19:24) Ben S
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