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The primary goal of this site is to answer questions about SQL Anywhere.

In order to achieve that goal, more people, not fewer, need to participate fully.

One barrier to participation is the lack of "reputation points" awarded by the software: if you don't have points, you can't do stuff.

One barrier to gaining reputation points is having questions marked "community wiki". By default answers to community wiki questions are marked community wiki themselves and do not gather points. Even if folks remember to un-mark the checkbox (most don't) they might be reluctant to stand out as someone who is greedy for points.

And, AFAIK, you can't undo the community wiki setting.

Therefore, please don't mark anything "community wiki". It's a simple rule, and we don't need a committee or a discussion... what we need is more questions and answers about SQL Anywhere.

Reputation points are just money, and money is like manure. It should be spread around.

asked 19 Nov '09, 09:32

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Breck Carter
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edited 11 Jan '14, 07:55

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Graeme Perrow

It might also be worth noting that questions can become automatically marked as community wiki if SQLA follows the same rules as StackOverflow:

Posts enter community wiki mode when:

  • The body of the post has been edited by four different people.
  • The post has been edited six times by the original owner.
  • The post's author checks the community wiki checkbox when composing the question or answer.
  • The post is edited by its original author, who when doing so opts to check the community wiki.
  • The question generates more than 30 answers. In this case, the question and all answers will enter community mode, as will any future answers.
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answered 19 Nov '09, 19:30

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Ben S
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Thanks! You saved me some anguish wondering "how did that happen?" Clearly StackOverflow has some mighty fine committees! I wonder if the following question gets marked community wiki over there: Q: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? :)

(19 Nov '09, 20:47) Breck Carter

Note that by "you can't do stuff" Breck is referring to editing other people's posts and voting to close questions and semi-administrative things like that. If all you want to do is ask and answer questions, there are no reputation thresholds for that.

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answered 19 Nov '09, 14:45

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Graeme Perrow
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