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I encountered an error executing a CREATE PROCEDURE statement and burned it down to the following example:

create procedure CommentTest 
  -- a comment's text may not contain any single quotes
  select 1 from dummy

If I try to execute that with ISQL (Java) it gives me an error:

Could not execute statement.
Syntax error or access violation
SQLCODE=0, ODBC 3 State="42000"

The same statement works with the C-Version of ISQL (dbisqlc.exe).
Might I call this a bug or a feature?

asked 18 Aug '10, 13:00

Reimer%20Pods's gravatar image

Reimer Pods
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edited 20 Aug '10, 14:54

Works for me, in the dbisql that ships with and What version are you using? FWIW I have bazillions of -- comments containing embedded quotes, never a problem.

(18 Aug '10, 13:22) Breck Carter

Fine in

(18 Aug '10, 13:45) Justin Willey

Must be version specific, it works too in 12.00.2483

(18 Aug '10, 15:32) Reimer Pods

Works on

(18 Aug '10, 18:25) Vincent Buck

@Vincent: Please re-confirm that Reimer's exact procedure (which is in Transact SQL syntax) works for you on since that fails for Reimer.

(20 Aug '10, 16:00) Breck Carter

@Breck: I copied and executed Reimer's code above on without a glitch. I also have tons of comments with single quotes in them

(20 Aug '10, 17:58) Vincent Buck
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Yes, single quotes are allowed inside -- comments.

There may (must?) be something else going wrong with your example... what version of SQL Anywhere are you using?

permanent link

answered 18 Aug '10, 13:32

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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Comment Text Removed
Comment Text Removed

You've convinced me to stay on :)

(18 Aug '10, 16:09) Breck Carter

Re-Edited my question to fix version info: it's really Same thing on another machine using

(20 Aug '10, 15:22) Reimer Pods
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