Does someone know how to put SQLAnywhere under stress in order to set hardware limits or to simulate 10 or 100 users querying the database? It could be a batch command. I'm using v12 in Windows and Linux SO.

asked 23 Jan '12, 06:22

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There are some sample tools like TRANTEST that may be of use for you - note, I haven't used them lately, so can't tell more...):

They are all documented here and should be installed by default.

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answered 23 Jan '12, 06:55

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Volker Barth
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Strange, I haven't got this directory here. Might it be because this installation is for developers?

(23 Jan '12, 08:13) MarcosCunhaLima
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This directory is provided (%SQLANYSAMP12% / $SQLANYSAMP12) if you install the "SQL Anywhere Samples", during the original SQL Anywhere install.

(23 Jan '12, 12:11) Jeff Albion

I'll get the CD as (I think) I didn't installed the samples. Thanks

(23 Jan '12, 15:37) MarcosCunhaLima
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