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I have always grumbled about that fact that SQL Anywhere doesn't get the focus I think it deserves in Sybase media: ISUG, ISUG Journal, webcasts, emails I receive from Sybase, etc.

But in the last 2 months it seems SQL Anywhere has dropped from "minimal" to "non-existent" in the stuff I receive.

Is anyone else concerned that Sybase has forgotten about SQL Anywhere entirely? Will it fade into oblivion at SAP/Sybase?

asked 05 Aug '10, 19:52

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Bill Aumen
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Mark Culp

SQL Anywhere is still a very active project at Sybase/SAP and we're already working on several new projects for the next major release (codename Nagano).

Note that SQL Anywhere is used in several of the other Sybase products but by its very nature (as being an embedded database requiring little to no administration) you are likely not made aware of this.

Chris Kleisath has blogged here and here (and several other places) about the fact that SQL Anywhere is an invisible database and this makes it difficult to let people aware of just how many places it is used because, well, you just don't see it.

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answered 05 Aug '10, 22:26

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Mark Culp
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Glad to hear this Mark! SQL Anywhere has been a key factor in our company's success for 15 years now (starting with Watcom SQL). Your engineers are our heros for making the product so easy to use and so powerful that we can focus on our customer's needs rather than the technology we use. We do know many of the "invisible" places the database can be found. What always worries me a little is that SQL Anywhere is "invisible" in Sybase material, while I receive emails at least weekly about ASE and find 3 to 5 articles per issue in the ISUG Journal about ASE .

(06 Aug '10, 17:40) Bill Aumen

@Bill: You need to remember that ISUG is an ASE based user group and that is why there is little (if any) content relating to SA in the ISUG literature. I.e. AFAIK the purpose of the ISUG Journal is to promote products that are of interest to the ISUG user base and those users are primarily ASE users.

(06 Aug '10, 18:21) Mark Culp

I'll add that if you do want to see more SA coverage in the ISUG literature then I would highly suggest that you contact the ISUG folks at and request that more coverage of SQL Anywhere be added. Perhaps if lots of SA users would do this then more SA topics would get included?

(06 Aug '10, 18:26) Mark Culp

I have indeed written ISUG more than once. I see the cover of the ISUG Journal still carries the banner "Information for Sybase Users Including Database Tools, Mobility and IT Strategy". Perhaps I naively expect that “mobility” would be the iAnywhere products. I notice many of the ASE articles are written by Sybase engineers; perhaps that determines content? Or perhaps I am the only one who ever suggested that ISUG include SQL Anywhere and therefore I am out of the mainstream and irrelevant.

(09 Aug '10, 18:06) Bill Aumen

It must be time to give up on my long standing idea that iAnywhere is really synonymous with Sybase (It was an iAnywhere sales rep that first planted that notion in my head). And I will remain encouraged by your reply and by Breck’s comment that the SAP announcement made note of various iAnywhere products as a prime reason for the purchase.

(09 Aug '10, 18:06) Bill Aumen
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