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I try to get a sql anywhere connection under PHP with a apache2 server and suPHP installed. System: Debian Squeeze 64 Bit

When I just load the (built from source ( or downloaded the prebuilt one) then I receive this error:

The SQLAnywhere client libraries could not be loaded. Please ensure that can be found in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

I tried setting the LD_LIBARY_PATH in the start script of apache2 and olso fo apache2ctl, but this does not help. (Looks like suPHP is not passing it over...?)

When I copy over all /opt/sqlanywhere10/lib64 files to /usr/lib then I receive always a server error 500 (Premature end of script headers: phpinfo.php)

Any hints how to solve this ?


asked 07 Dec '11, 12:40

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After some more searching I have finaly found this answer:

Looks like suPHP clears the LD_LIBRARY env var before starting the PHP interpreter. After applying the patch I can now connect to the database server


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answered 07 Dec '11, 12:57

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For an alternative to setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, see SQLAnywhere 12 on Ubuntu 11.10 linux, nginx & php

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answered 01 May '12, 20:09

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edited 01 May '12, 20:10

Nice solution, just add it to the global /etc/


(02 May '12, 12:17) ASchild
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