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Hi all. First, I am new to databases in general. I have an installation of Quickbooks POS which utilizes a SQL Anywhere 9 database. Unfortunately, the actual qbpos.db file is corrupted and will not open in the software. I do have a valid backup (about 2 months old) and a valid transaction log. What do I need to do to take the back and log file and merge them into a valid current qbpos.db file? i would welcome any and all help you can all offer.

asked 05 Dec '11, 22:09

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dsbrv9.exe with the option (-a) or with the option (-ad) is your friend.

(12 Apr '21, 07:04) Baron
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FWIW, did you notice the posting date? :)

(12 Apr '21, 07:37) Volker Barth

oh, this is 10 years old, I don't know why the question was on top of the questions list.

(12 Apr '21, 08:42) Baron

Well, some spammer tried to mis-use that FAQ. As usually, the user was banned - but the question is still "touched" and therefore brought on top...

(12 Apr '21, 10:16) Volker Barth

Part of me wants to delete this entire thread, but another part derives a certain joy in watching folks post answers... it's like watching the squirrels leaping and failing to reach the bird feeder, it's more fun to put the feeder ALMOST within reach :)

BTW Baron's suggestion of dbsrv9 -ad was an excellent leap, too bad -ad wasn't introduced until version 10 :)

(12 Apr '21, 13:53) Breck Carter

I didnt know that my comment would cause so much inconvinience. I just thought it may be helpful to someone

(12 Apr '21, 15:38) Baron
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Well, I don't think your comment has caused any inconvinience - in contrast to the spammer's fake answer (which has been deleted).

Breck and I just wanted to point out this is one of the FAQs that has "invited" several spamming attempts over the years.

Helpful contributions are always accepted here, as is some humour :)

(13 Apr '21, 02:15) Volker Barth

No inconvenience at all, quite the opposite, as all our smiley faces :) show!

Helpful, maybe not so much... dbsrv9 -ad was actually a wrong answer :)

No points for participation, but one point for passive aggression :)

(15 Apr '21, 17:16) Breck Carter
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This forum is intended for SQL Anywhere database developer questions specifically. While QuickBooks does utilize SQL Anywhere as part of its data store, specific recovery of the Intuit database must be done by Intuit personnel. Intuit has set their application database up with specific security features to discourage end-users from accessing the database directly. As such, Sybase will not be able to directly assist you with recovery of this database.

Please contact Intuit directly and ask about their data recovery services via technical support. See:

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answered 06 Dec '11, 11:21

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Jeff Albion
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Have a look at this guide: Recover from media failure on the data

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answered 06 Dec '11, 03:48

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Mark Culp

to prevent this from happening in the future, you can set up a backup event to create copies of the db on a hard drive. then copy the backup to some other media

open the db in Sybase Central and create a new event

this is the sql you need (change the drive letter, folder and day of the week as required )

begin backup database directory 'e:\dbBackup\Wednesday\' end

on the schedule tab, set the day of the week and the time. The command does a full backup. i do one for each day of the week.

if you want to do transaction log backups during the day this is the sql you need.

BEGIN backup database directory 'E:\dbBackup\logs12' transaction log only END

set up the schedule as required

i don't have a running copy of ASA8, so i'm not sure if you can schedule a daily maintenace plan.

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answered 06 Dec '11, 06:07

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Tom Mangano
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In order to restore a backup, do the folowing (extracted from the Sybooks):

The following example applies the offline (backup) and current transaction logs to the backup copy of the sample database using the -ad database server option. The database server uses the log offsets in the transaction logs to determine the correct order in which to apply the log files.

0) Copy the original files (corrupted) and backup files to another directory just to have a spare copy of each file (you won't use those files, it's just a precaution).

1) Copy the backup transaction log and current transaction log into a directory. For example, copy the files to c:backuplogs.

2) Start the database server and apply the transaction logs to a backup copy of a database called backupdemo.db:

dbeng12 backupdemo.db -ad c:\backuplogs

The database server applies the transaction logs to the backup copy of the database and then shuts down.

After that, put the database file and transaction log back to the same directory as the original database and restart it.

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answered 06 Dec '11, 06:59

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As you have mentioned you are new to database, I recommend you to contact someone having in-depth knowledge about all the SQL database components. You can either contact QuickBooks Data Recovery specialists because they are trained and thus can handle back or log files in an efficient manner.

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answered 21 Dec '18, 05:11

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