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using sa

This works fine:

SELECT cms_content.*
   FROM dba.cms_content
   WHERE CONTAINS (  title, intro, body, footer , 'hello' )

According to the docs, this should retrieve scoring info:

SELECT cms_content.*, ct.*
   FROM dba.cms_content
   WHERE CONTAINS (  title, intro, body, footer , 'hello' ) ct
order by ct.score desc

But iSQL reports a "syntax error near ct on line 3"

What am I missing here?

PS: I tried variations on

SELECT cms_content.*, "contains".score
   FROM dba.cms_content
   WHERE CONTAINS (  body , 'hello' ) 

but all I get is syntax errors there as well

asked 22 Jul '10, 09:59

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Vincent Buck
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Scoring is supported only if the CONTAINS clause is part of the table expression (specified in the FROM clause). Only if specified as a table expression is the implicit "score" column added to the projection of the underlying table. For example,

FROM MarketingInformation CONTAINS ( Description, 'cotton' ) as CT
WHERE CT.score > <some value>;

By adding a correlation name, you can use multiple CONTAINS table expressions within the same query, and refer to each search score independently by qualifying the "score" column by the given correlation name.

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answered 22 Jul '10, 10:44

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Glenn Paulley
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edited 22 Jul '10, 10:49

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