Hi, we are playing around with HA and wondering a bit why there is no wizzard for configurating. We don't even know how to ask for the current configuration.


asked 30 Nov '11, 07:36

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Which SQL Anywhere version (and build number) do you use?

There is a whole chapter in the docs on HA - e.g. this page on how to setup HA for v12.0.1.

Unless you start the database server explicitly with the -xp database option, you can't use HA at all. Besides that, the following database properties might tell you more.

select db_property('MirrorRole'), db_property('MirrorServerState'),
  db_property('MirrorState'), db_property('MirrorMode'), db_property('PartnerState');

For a non-mirrored database on a server not startet with -xp, they all return NULL.

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Volker Barth
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Hi, in the helpfiles I found some samples for configuration. So I did the following: CREATE MIRROR SERVER "scaleout_primary" AS PRIMARY... CREATE MIRROR SERVER "scaleout_mirror" AS MIRROR ... CREATE MIRROR SERVER "scaleout_arbiter" AS ARBITER ... CREATE MIRROR SERVER "scaleout_server1" AS PARTNER...

It works, but where can I see this config? What if I want to change the servername? My only solution is a unload and examin the reload-sql.


(30 Nov '11, 09:44) bscheufens

sorry now I found

select * from SYSMIRRORSERVER; select * from sysmirroroption; select * from SYSMIRRORSERVEROption;

Thats ok but not convenient. I really expect that in Sybase Central.


(30 Nov '11, 09:57) bscheufens
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Can't claim whether there's a GUI support to setup HA. I would always prefer a script based approach in order to get a reproducable setup. But that's just my very humble opinion.

FWIW: There's an article on Breck Carter's blog how to setup a (v10) HA setup with some demo stuff:

Demonstrating High Availability

IMHO, you will have to setup such a system and test with your clients to find out what happens when a fail-over occurs and how a server can be restarted - and these are tasks that are way beyond Sybase Central's responsibility, methinks...

(30 Nov '11, 10:30) Volker Barth
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