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I've downloaded the Developer Edition for Sybase Sql Anywhere Version 9.0. Unfortunately the weblink during setup for getting a registration key is no longer valid. So currently I have a 60 day evaluation license.

Where can I get a valid registration key for Version 9.0


asked 16 Nov '11, 06:28

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Version 9 is no longer supported by engineering so I do not think that you can get a developer license key (for v9) any longer.

Is there a particular reason why you are using v9. I would highly suggest that you use the latest version (v12) instead.

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answered 16 Nov '11, 08:02

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Mark Culp
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My guess would be this post Analyse db

(16 Nov '11, 08:04) Daz Liquid

The reason for using v9 was, because I've got a database from a customer for analyze purposes, and this database has an internal version 5. I've already tried v12 an v10, but both editions reports during connection, that they can't open it, because it was created with a former version. So I finally succeeded in open it with v9, although there was a conversion necessary. But finally I could open it and read the data.

So this is the background why I use v9.

But may be we there is another way for me. With installing v9, there were some samples coming with. One of them is a TableViewer application, developed in C# using the iAnywhere.Data.AsaClient .NET component. With this sample application I was also able to open the original customer database, and read its table structure and content. This would be a good starting point for me, to analyze and read data out of the database. Is there are redistributable package available to get this .NET component ??


(16 Nov '11, 08:46) OLeary
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If you've access to v12, you may rebuild the database into a new one with the structures of the new version. Within Sybase Central select Tools -> SQL Anywhere 12 -> Unload database, enter the path and credentials for the source database and then unload it into a new database.

Sybase Central will also be a good place to start examining the database's stucture and data.

(16 Nov '11, 09:37) Reimer Pods

OK, could be a possible way.

Nevertheless, I still would be interested in the .NET component iAnywhere.Data.AsaClient. Is there an official redistributable for thirdparty devlopers ?

(16 Nov '11, 09:44) OLeary
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I think you're looking for this:

The "SQL Anywhere Database Client Download". It includes the .NET providers.

(17 Nov '11, 09:49) Dan Cummins
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