Please be aware that the content in SAP SQL Anywhere Forum will be migrated to the SAP Community in June and this forum will be retired.

In light of the impending demise of the SQLA site on, we intend to migrate the existing SQLA site to a site to be hosted on

We hope to complete the migration in the next few weeks. We will announce the new site's availability through our varied support channels, including blogs, nntp newsgroups, etc.

asked 08 Jul '10, 14:15

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Chris Kleisath
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Mark Culp


Great news - as long as its still a website and not NNTP :)

(08 Jul '10, 14:17) Volker Barth

Yes, the Sybase hosted site will be a website, and not NNTP.

(08 Jul '10, 14:19) Chris Kleisath

Glad to hear this!

(08 Jul '10, 16:39) Martin

Are you going to be using OSQA with SQL Anywhere as a back-end?

(08 Jul '10, 17:01) Vincent Buck

REALLY GLAD to hear Sybase is on-board with keeping this going. Thanks to our friends and supporters at iAnywhere!

(08 Jul '10, 17:21) Bill Aumen

@Vincent Buck: Once we get the new site up and running, we will describe exactly what we did. Until then, I hesitate to say exactly what we are doing because some things could change before launch. We did start with the OSQA open source though. Clearly, we won't host something ourselves that doesn't use SQL Anywhere!

(08 Jul '10, 17:30) Chris Kleisath

This is fantastic! Another reason why SQLAnywhere rocks!

(08 Jul '10, 22:36) Calvin Allen

@Chris: If you do port something like OSQA or another open source system to SQL Anywhere - would you share that for other uses (e.g. in a manner Jason Hinsperger shared his Wordpress/SA adaptions in his blog, cf. - I do know it's too early to ask but that could be even more advantageous:)

(09 Jul '10, 12:24) Volker Barth

@Volker: FWIW as part of our investigations we were able to get OSQA to run on SQL Anywhere with no effort at all - you just need to install the SQL Anywhere django and python drivers and viola, it just worked! :-)

(09 Jul '10, 13:08) Mark Culp

*IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL USERS Please ensure that your SQLA user profile contains a valid email address - when the site gets moved, in order for you to keep your same user name (and its associated badges, tags, points, etc) you will need to reauthenticate your account and this will most likely (i.e. we're still testing) be done by an email being sent to your email address that exists in your profile.

(09 Jul '10, 13:15) Mark Culp

BTW to check that your email address is correct, login, click on your name at the top of the page, then click the "edit" link beside the "Registered User" header. Your current profile personal data will be then displayed and made editable. Update your email address if it is blank or incorrect and then click "Save Profile".

(09 Jul '10, 13:18) Mark Culp
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@Volker: In this whole process, we DO hope to create a blog post or two that describes what we did, but as Mark said, for the most part it "just worked!" using SQL Anywhere version 12.

(09 Jul '10, 13:41) Chris Kleisath

@Mark, @Chris: It was worthwhile to introduce the LIMIT clause in V12, I guess:)

(09 Jul '10, 18:03) Volker Barth

@Volker: The SQL Anywhere django and python driver was released with 11.0.x. Support for the LIMIT clause is not a prerequisite for OSQA to work.... the django driver does all of the right stuff to make everything just work.

(10 Jul '10, 14:24) Mark Culp
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To all: Please send an email to asking him to extend the life of from July 13 (the current end-of-life) by two weeks.

permanent link

answered 08 Jul '10, 14:24

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Breck Carter
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Done. Just sent an email.

(08 Jul '10, 15:59) Ron Hiner
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