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We are currently running SQL Anywhere We've been using the built-in SQL Remote for a decade and maybe have even gotten pretty good with it :)

Now I've gotten the go-ahead to do a very small Mobilink pilot (round-trip from ASA to text file - I might be allowed to try to an ODBC connection to our legacy database, but I'm not staring out too pushy!)

Can I use Mobilink version 12 without upgrading my database to version 12? Is there any reason I really should prefer to stick with version 10 or upgrade my database, rather than mix versions, even if it's technically no big deal? Is anyone willing to give me any hard-earned advice before I dive in?

Thank you very much!

asked 27 Oct '11, 12:12

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Just curious: What's your motivation for moving to MobiLink when SQL Remote has been working for you?

(28 Oct '11, 13:17) RussC_FromSAP

For MobiLink version 12, the versions of SQL Anywhere supported as a consolidated database server are 12 and 11. Details of the ODBC drivers recommended for use with the various supported consolidated databases can be found on the Recommended ODBC Drivers For MobiLink page.

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answered 27 Oct '11, 14:51

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Bill Frier
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Thank you. That's disappointing, but not unexpected. I suppose I could put an SQL Anywhere 12 db in the middle and treat both ends as remotes. I'm going to have to think about this. I really don't want to put myself in a situation where the need to test a Mobilink upgrade makes us think twice about upgrading.

(27 Oct '11, 15:23) carolstone
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Don't do that (fiddle with a separate V12 database in the middle)... that way lies insanity. Go with the version of MobiLink that matches your consolidated database.

(27 Oct '11, 17:08) Breck Carter

Any option to upgrade the whole thing to version 12? We did and 12 has been awesome. We are currently developing an Android app with 12 DB and 12 Mobilink. Going from 10 to 12 shouldn't be that big of a deal if you don't have a ton separate installations.

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answered 28 Oct '11, 07:41

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@carolstone: I agree... if you want to use Version 12 of MobiLink, you should upgrade your consolidated database to Version 12 rather than try to use a separate V12 pseudo-consolidated database. You do not have to upgrade the remotes, however (except to switch over to use dbmlsync).

(28 Oct '11, 08:19) Breck Carter
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