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After upgrade from SA10(10.0.1 EBF(4036 Win/3974 Linux)) to SA12 (12.0.1 EBF(3324(3457) Win/3311 Linux)) in our system based on Application server JBOSS 5.1.0, we encounter with strange problem that never appear before using SA12. Queries for graphs(reports) from Application server using our connection pool(use jdbc3) brings data only from first 500 records despite of table or stored procedure have more records. It not appears always sometimes first time(or after close all connections in pool) we get full result set and after that all time we get result set limited to 500 record . It seems like Interactive SQL isql_maximum_displayed_rows option which default is 500!? Please, explain what happens in SA12 and how we can go ahead with SA12 without downgrade to previous SA version

asked 23 Oct '11, 13:31

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It is probably a client interface thing, not a server thing.

Here comes a wild guess: Can you try changing the dbisql limit to some other number to see if that affects your symptom? That will determine if it has anything to do with the dbisql option or not (probably not, but you never know).

(24 Oct '11, 06:48) Breck Carter

WE have change dbisql option ' isql_maximum_displayed_rows ' with different values but always result set was 500 record. If it is a client interface thing, why it was working with SA10? Additional we have upgraded to jconn4 and using com.sybase.jdbc4.jdbc.SybDataSource as a driver but everything is the same. Still we get 500 records sometimes instead of 10000

(24 Oct '11, 12:41) HBrener
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Have you tried a request level logging to see if JBOSS is adding anything to your SQL statements or is setting any option you are not aware of?

(25 Oct '11, 03:38) Martin

We have find the problem in our code(client side). Set ROWCOUNT 500 wasn't be set back to 0 in other query for the same connection. In previous SA version it doesn't make a problem but in SA12 this problem appears.Thanks for comments

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answered 25 Oct '11, 11:40

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Amazing! ...I will admit to having heard about the row_counts option but not rowcount! The docs on rowcount are identical for V10 and V12 so it's "interesting" that the behavior is different. Congratulations on figuring it out.

(25 Oct '11, 16:20) Breck Carter
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