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Using SA


declare @string varchar (100) ; 
set @string= 'a' ;

select * from sa_split_list(@string)




So far so good.

So why does


declare @string varchar (100) ; 
set @string= 'a' ;

select * from sa_split_list(@string, '||')


not return anything?

I can't see anything in the documentation that says non-default delimiters should behave differently.

asked 29 Jun '10, 00:33

Vincent%20Buck's gravatar image

Vincent Buck
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edited 21 Mar '14, 11:12

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Mark Culp

AFAIK, this is a wrong behaviour fixed with From the readme.html for EBF

================(Build #2381 - Engineering Case #616395)================

The system procedure sa_split_list() did not work as expected when a multi-character delimiter was provided, and the string to be split was shorter than the delimiter. No rows were returned, whereas the expected result was a single row containing the string to be split. This has been fixed.

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answered 29 Jun '10, 07:07

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Volker Barth
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Thanks. To anyone from Sybase reading this: you have superb online help. Please think of consolidating EBFs into the online doc. Who's going to parse all EBFs unless they are a full-time DBA? This would make it SO MUCH easier to troubleshoot problems and work around version quirks

(29 Jun '10, 07:59) Vincent Buck

@Vincent: EBFs are cumulative which means that you would only need to review one README file (i.e. the latest one) to see if there was a fix relating to an issue that you were having. We have had discussions about making the EBF READMEs available via dcx but I can't remember what the outcome was of that discussion? I will mention it again to the doc team.

(29 Jun '10, 12:24) Mark Culp

@Vincent: In addition to Mark's comment: The fact that the newer EBF readmes (since about last year) can be filtered to list only the changes between build x and y makes looking for the relevant ones really easy - that is a great relieve IMHO. I'm at best a "quarter-time DBA" but scanning through the EBF readmes is worthwhile.

(29 Jun '10, 19:42) Volker Barth

It works OK in the version 12 beta (build 2429). Are you using the latest build of version 11?

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answered 29 Jun '10, 06:57

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I'm using

(29 Jun '10, 06:58) Vincent Buck
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