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Just as a friendly reminder: If your question has been sufficiently answered, it's good practice to accept the (most) fitting answer as "accepted" - says the Forum Nanny.

Of course a very "meta" topic - but just

  1. as this has come up on an older question and
  2. as lots of questions have - apparently sufficient - answers but not accepted ones - look at these with a blue icon in the question view...

Just to add: The mentioned FAQ isn't relevant anymore w.r.t. the automatical "re-freshing" of answers in the former site. However, accepting answers is still useful IMHO:

  1. to give feedback that the question is really answered (and when deliberately not accepting an answer, to give the opposite feedback)
  2. and to get reputation points (both for the question and the answer) - and that's still useful to do stuff here...

asked 28 Sep '11, 12:16

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
accept rate: 34%

edited 14 Dec '23, 03:37

Just as a reminder - currently most active questions don't seem to have an accepted answer - but possibly an acceptable one:)

(02 Jan '12, 11:21) Volker Barth
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Just as a re-reminder, as the situation seems similar: Lots of current question with at least an answer, but no accepted one...

Sure, I'm gonna risk to get the "know-it-all" badge:)

(02 Mar '12, 08:35) Volker Barth

Just another reminder - from the current top 30 questions, only one has an accepted answer.

Surely I can't tell whether this does fit to the "answered" state (they are not my questions) but I guess some answers should be acceptable...

(13 Sep '13, 07:11) Volker Barth
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Again a whole bunch of unaccepted answers - feel free to change that, if one of YOUR questions is affected...:)

(21 Feb '14, 04:11) Volker Barth

I second that request and maybe the forum system can be changed in a way, that a moderator can also clean up old question which are answered by marking them accordingly

(21 Feb '14, 10:29) Martin

AFAIK, the forum administrators CAN do that:)

(21 Feb '14, 16:20) Volker Barth

Another reminder: Currently the topmost 10 questions have answers but none is marked as accepted.

Dear question posters, please "accept" the most helpful answer if the problem is solved.

Aside: OK, this mere comment invalidates the first statement a little bit:)

(10 Jun '15, 09:14) Volker Barth
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To cite Justin from the above FAQ:

Do you see a gray circle with a tick in it under the votes on the left hand margin of the answers?
You need to click on that.

(I'm gonna add an image once I have posted my own answer:)

permanent link

answered 28 Sep '11, 12:20

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
accept rate: 34%

edited 28 Sep '11, 12:23

...Done that:)

(28 Sep '11, 12:24) Volker Barth
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