We are using SA 10.0.1 EBF 3974. In application working with SA by JDBC one of report SQL query is failed after around 4 hour and 40 min processing. Reason for fail - drop connection. Running the same query(with output to file to simulate report system) in DBISQL we get the same result after 4 hour and 40 minutes connection from DBISQL is dropped in log-file follows message appears -

I. 09/26 01:14:00. User "nms" dropped connection 1 ("nms")
I. 09/26 01:14:00. Connection terminated abnormally
I. 09/26 01:14:00. Disconnected TCPIP client's AppInfo: IP=XX.XX.XX.XX;HOST=HBRENER-PCWIN7;OS='Windows 7 Build 7601 Service Pack 1';EXE='C:Program FilesSQL Anywhere 12Bin32dbisql.exe';PID=0x1c4c;THREAD=0x1e58;VERSION=;API=iAnywhereJDBC;TIMEZONEADJUSTMENT=180

In DBISQL message windows Execution time - around 11000 sec (around 3 hour) and message export to file with 0 records.

What can be reason for this problem !?

asked 26 Sep '11, 09:49

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Mark Culp

Maybe it is the client idle timeout. So for the client waiting for a response to its query it might be, that this connection seems to be idle for the client. The default is 240 minutes. You can switch this of by adding idle=0 to your connection string.

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answered 26 Sep '11, 10:47

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...and cf. the -ti server option...

(26 Sep '11, 10:50) Volker Barth

I test it with db server option -ti 600

(26 Sep '11, 10:57) HBrener
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