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I'm excited to use the new SQLAnywhere 11 full text search feature, but I haven't been able to find an answer to one question in the docs.

I can set a text index to refresh every 24 hours using 'AUTO REFRESH EVERY 24 HOURS'

So when in that 24 hour period does it refresh? Every 24 hours from when the statement is executed? 24 hours from the first refresh? midnight?

Or am I stuck with a manual index and events firing refreshes?

It would be nice if I could control when that processing is going to occur (say, after the incoming data has finished processing for the night).

asked 18 Jun '10, 08:11

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An AUTO REFRESH text index will be refreshed for the first time within a minute or so after being created, and then every time the interval specified in the EVERY clause passes.

Note that an AUTO REFRESH text index may be automatically refreshed before the specified interval elapses if the database server determines there were a lot of data changes - if the amount of data to be added to the index exceeds 20% of the currently indexed data, or over 50% of the indexed data is deleted.

So there is no way to guarantee the time when the text index will be refreshed using AUTO REFRESH, unless you are sure that the volume of changes is not too high.

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answered 18 Jun '10, 14:53

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