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I was following this instruction.

I've been stopped with error shown on this picture. Can you help me please?


asked 23 Sep '11, 05:32

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I've encountered the same thing with some older databases. In previous SA versions you could use "%" as a comment delimiter. This has been changed, a line starting with a percent sign is no longer accepted as comment and so syntactically incorrect. The newly created database will contain all structures and data, but some or all triggers and/or procedures will be missing if the rebuild stopped at this point.

SA should have generated a file name UNPROCESSED.SQL with the erroneous statements. Cf DBUnload. If you fix the statements and execute the SQL file on the new database the conversion should be complete.

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answered 23 Sep '11, 06:19

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Reimer Pods
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Just to add: Up to v10, you could still allow percent as comment marker with the help of the "percent_as_comment" option.

It has been removed with v11 and above.

(23 Sep '11, 07:17) Volker Barth

Thank you guys. I corrected unprocessed.sql and database is rebuilded. I have a problem with character set, which should be cp1250 instead of cp852. Where can I fix this. Is there a way to set correct connection character set?

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answered 23 Sep '11, 07:42

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How are you doing the unload/reload? With Sybase Central or the DBUNLOAD tool etc.?

See this other FAQ I'm quoting from:

I guess you will have to create a new database with the according collation first and then use dbunload -ac to do an one-step unload into the newly created database.

So you migth use "DBINIT -z ..." or "CREATE DATABASE ... COLLATION ..." to create a new database with the desired collation.

As a starting point, you may have a look at the auto-generated reload.sql from your previous steps: You should find an according (un-commented) CREATE DATABASE statement there, which you might just be able to adjust to you requirements.

(23 Sep '11, 08:45) Volker Barth
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