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I am trying to move a customer from sqla 8 to sqla 11. However, when I take one of their backup db/log files and run dbunload against it, I see an "Unable to start specified database" error. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks, Doug

asked 22 Sep '11, 13:02

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Jeff Albion

If you are trying to use the start connection parameter to start the database, it may be failing here. The database server in version 11 will not be able to start the version 8 database.

However, we do have the capability of unloading this old database. To unload this database and move to version 11, we provide a topic in the help to assist in this process:

Rebuilding version 9 and earlier databases for version 11

Edit: Overlooked version 11 from question. I've revised the above to refer to the correct DCX topic and version.

permanent link

answered 22 Sep '11, 13:16

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Tyson Lewis
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Thanks Tyson. I think that your link provided the answer...

"You cannot unload a version 9 or earlier database when the database file requires recovery. Recovery might be required, for example, if the database file was created using the Backup utility (dbbackup) or a BACKUP DATABASE statement. When you use the Unload utility (dbunload) on a database file that requires recovery, a message is returned indicating that the database could not be started. Use a version 9 database server to start the database and then stop the database before retrying dbunload."

I will try starting and stopping the sqla8 engine against the database before I dbunload with sqla11.

(22 Sep '11, 13:29) dejstone
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That's entirely possible. It's probably the other most common issue when unloading an older database.

(22 Sep '11, 13:54) Tyson Lewis

Though I'm quite sure this has been fixed a while ago with a v12.0.0 EBF (don't have a CR number) and should work with v12.0.1.

(22 Sep '11, 14:29) Volker Barth

isn't he using v11 ?! This doesn't mean it can't be fixed in v11(.0.1) as well, but we need to have EBF level detail.

(23 Sep '11, 03:14) marchello

Sorry, I've overseen the v11 in the question, as Tyson refered to v12.

Besides that, the fix (if it was made at all, I'm not fully sure) should be documented here...

(23 Sep '11, 03:41) Volker Barth

This specific issue of problems unloading a backup database (mentioned on DCX) has actually been fixed in later versions (the fix mentioned by Volker), in and

permanent link

answered 26 Sep '11, 11:38

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Jeff Albion
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edited 26 Sep '11, 11:43

Ah, fixed in 11.0.x - then I do understand why I could not find the topic in the v12 EBF readmes...

(26 Sep '11, 12:23) Volker Barth
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