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I have a SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 database, am interfacing with a number of systems by letting them log on via ODBC into my database and executing stored procedures i wrote. This is not very secure as my DB has financial information so am looking for an API to buy or freeware, where can i get one preferably one that is ISO 8583 complient.

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Although ISO 8583 defines a common standard, it is not typically used directly by systems or networks. It defines many standard fields (data elements) which remain the same in all systems or networks, and leaves a few additional fields for passing network specific details. These fields are used by each network to adapt the standard for its own use with custom fields and custom usages

Typically, industry-specific security standards are more highly emphasized for software such as PCI for financial data, HIPAA for medical data, or FIPS for government applications. You should investigate the specific industry standards for the software market you're pursuing.

SQL Anywhere supports many different APIs for many different languages, including ODBC, JDBC, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python, Embedded SQL, and others. The "way" you use the various APIs and the database in your application forms the basis for a potential ISO/standards certification.

SQL Anywhere also supports other various security and auditing features to help secure your data.

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Isn't this just a matter of what a combination of users and rights you use in your database? SQL Anywhere has a huge set of rights you can apply to database objects see permissions overview

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In addition to Martin's answer:

There also ways to encrpyt data, e.g.

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