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Well, that's a poor title, I agree...

I've just noticed that a simple retag of a question does show up as with a "retagged" note:

alt text

I'm quite sure that has been displayed as a general "edited" before.

Am I right, and is this a nice enhancement?

(If so, thanks to Mr. Administrator!)

asked 19 Sep '11, 12:08

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Volker Barth
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This is a side-effect of a bug I fixed the other day. If you had enough reputation to retag a question but not enough to edit any question and you tried to retag, you would get a 500 Internal Server Error because of a python bug. If you had enough rep to edit a question, the retagging stuff would fail but it would still work and show up as an edit. This has been fixed and retags will show up as such.

permanent link

answered 19 Sep '11, 12:12

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Graeme Perrow
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edited 19 Sep '11, 12:34

FWIW, I've just now retagged several questions from "sa-9" to "asa-9" (though I'm still waiting for a standard tag set...), and those changes are displayed as "edited", not "retagged".

Python re-bugged?

(20 Sep '11, 17:40) Volker Barth
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My guess is that the system checks to see if you have enough rep to edit the question and if so, it marks the change as an edit. If you don't but you do have enough rep to retag, then it marks the change as a retag.

(20 Sep '11, 20:35) Graeme Perrow

So that's the first situation when one can have too much reputation points...

If I just could offer some bounties:)

(21 Sep '11, 03:05) Volker Barth

You poor guy

(21 Sep '11, 03:59) Thomas Dueme...

Sure! Could you please downvote my contributions:)

(21 Sep '11, 08:49) Volker Barth
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