After working with sybase anywhere with Powerbuilder for 20 years, I am for the first time doing an actual deployment and running into many issues. Here is the latest. After following all the instructions on files to deploy, when I create an ODBC profile on the deployment machine and close with automatic start I get the message:

"Unable to start database server: license file missing."

Although it was not mentioned in the documentation, I found under SQL ANywhere 11, in my development machine, "license.txt" . I placed it in my runtime directory on the deployment machine, but still get the same message.

I am using SQL Anywhere 11 that came bundled with Powerbuilder 11.5 desktop. I was assure on purchase that I could distribute runtimes as long as I did not use stored procedures or triggers. "license.txt" says much the same thing.

What could I be missing?

Deployment is on XP pro, svc pack 3

Melvyn Polatchek

asked 28 Aug '11, 16:15

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Volker Barth

It's not the "license.txt" file that is missing but the according .lic file for the database engine, i.e. dbeng11.lic or dbsrv11.lic files - cf. the docs.

In case you are using the runtime edition, I guess there ought to be an according rteng11.lic file.

Note that this is just a technical explanation, I can't tell anything whether the license is appropriate or not...

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answered 29 Aug '11, 03:26

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Volker Barth
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Volker, You are correct. I just did a search for *.lic and found four of them. Once I added these to my deployment folder, I was able to run DBISQL and do querys successfully. I still am not successfullly linking up to the powerbuilder executable. I will ost that issue to the Powerbuilder forum.

Thanks again and to all who have been answering my questions.

Melvyn Polatchek

(29 Aug '11, 08:34) MelvynP
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