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How do I see what options are set for the current database?

The database is supposed to have this option set: set option non_keywords = 'merge';

How can I see if this is actually set?

asked 14 May '10, 20:44

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Cameron Taggart
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Querying the catalog view SYSOPTION (or SYSOPTIONS, which gives you a slightly different result) will tell you what the permanent settings are for a particular option - note that there may exist multiple settings for this option, one for PUBLIC certainly and then one for each user who has set their permanent setting as well.

In order to determine what the actual value is for a connection - and to handle the fact that temporary changes to options are not written to the catalog table ISYSOPTION - you need to use one of:

  1. the function CONNECTION_PROPERTY, as in SELECT CONNECTION_PROPERTY ( 'non_keywords' );

  2. the system procedure sa_conn_info()

  3. the system procedure sa_conn_options() (version 10 and up).
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answered 14 May '10, 22:39

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Glenn Paulley
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