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How can i configure my SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 database to listen and respond to ISO messages e.g the ISO message 0800 which pings the database?

asked 17 Aug '11, 03:19

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Why would you like to want to to that? IMHO, responding to PINGing is a task for the network stack, not for the database engine.

If you want to check whether a particular database engine or database is available in the network, you might use the DBLOCATE and DBPING utilities.

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answered 17 Aug '11, 03:31

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Volker Barth
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Thanks Volker, was considering logging each time i get the ISO echo message as am interfacing two systems so would like to find out which system was responsible for the break in communication

(17 Aug '11, 03:44) Takudzwa

Some ideas:

If you are logging the messages outside the two databases, you could use SNMP to query the version and log when the query fails:

If you are logging inside the database you could setup a remote procedure call to a local procedure that selects the version and log when that fails:*d5e42098

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answered 17 Aug '11, 10:25

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Siger Matt
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Are you referring to ISO 8583, this is a financial application level message standard. I am not aware, that any database system is declaring to be in conformance with a business communication standard other than SQL...

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answered 17 Aug '11, 04:47

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