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Hi, is there any way to automatically generate scripts to uninstall Mobilink artifacts (tables, views, stored procedures, etc.) from a consolidated database?

More about, is there a similar tool to undeploy or upgrade a Synchronization model?


asked 08 Aug '11, 14:23

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There is no tool nor command provided to uninstall the MobiLink schema. FWIW, we are looking into providing such for a future version. We do have test scripts that do the following very blunt approach (in pseudo code):

while objects with name like 'ml_%' exist
    for each object type { table, index, view, procedure, etc. }
        for each object X named like 'ml_%'
            DROP X

As long as we have no circular references in the MobiLink schema, this works well.

Upgrading a deployed MobiLink system is an involved process. There is no simple tool-based way to do it. It is a manual process that must be carefully thought out based on your business needs and constraints.

That said, we are seriously investigating how to make it easier to upgrade a deployed MobiLink system. We would very much appreciate any input you can give us with regard to the nature of your deployment and how you expect an upgrade to take place. If you could answer some of the following questions it would help:

  1. Can the devices be brought in for upgrade or must the upgrade happen in the field?
  2. Can the user participate or must the upgrade be seamless and invisible?
  3. Do you need to upgrade:
    1. The remote database schema?
    2. The remote application binaries?
    3. The remote SQL Anywhere binaries?
    4. All of the above?
  4. What version of SQL Anywhere are you upgrading from?
  5. What version of SQL Anywhere are you upgrading to?

Also, consider having a look at version 12 and Central Administration of Remotes. It provides a framework for coordinating activity on the remote device. It isn't available for all devices, but it is an approach to consider going forward.

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answered 09 Aug '11, 10:22

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FYI, for Oracle I spool the following query to a SQL file to get commands to drop the objects starting with "ML_" in the opposite order they were created (to avoid RI problems):

select 'drop ' || object_type || ' ' || object_name || ';'
  from dba_objects
  where object_name like 'ML!_%' escape '!'
  order by object_id desc;

You might be able to do something similar for SQL Server.

(17 Aug '11, 11:50) Graham Hurst

Hi Russ, thanks for your answer.

A suggestion about uninstalling Mobilink. A simple script similar to the ones provided in <SQLAnywhereDIR>/Mobilink/sync<db>.sql replacing create by drop could be useful.

About Mobilink Synchronization Model upgrade/undeploy . I’m interested in a wizard to remove, from Consolidated Database, schema artifacts created as a consequence of a Sinchronization Model Deploy using Sybase Central Deply wizard by direct database connection or executing the script generated automatically, based in mlsm definition, and located (by default) in consolidated subdirectory. I can rewrite this script replacing creates by drops but I’m not sure how to undo actions taken by Mobilik Scripts like ml_add_lang_table_script_chk.

What I would like is to remove, easily, from Consolidated Database a wrong or obsoleted Mobilink Syncronization Model.

My environment is:

  • MS SQL Server 2005 as consolidated Database.

  • Mobilink 12

  • Ultralite 12 on Android 3.1 (UltraliteJ)

I do not think your questions are related with this environment. Anyway, I’m replying you below:

1.- Devices can be brought. But, obviously, we prefer to deploy in the field

2.- Users can’t participate.

3.- Ultralite Schema and Application Binaries. We have planned to achieve this by deploying the application with Ultralite schema embedded.

4.- Next questions are not applicable.

Finally, I would love to use Central Administration, but, it is not supported on Android. More about, do you have any news about future plans to support this feature?

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answered 16 Aug '11, 13:45

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On the delete front, we are looking at both (a) managing the consolidated objects generated/modified at deploy time, and (b) providing an option to delete the MobiLink system tables.

To undo ml_add_lang_table_script_chk, just pass in a NULL script.

Thanks for this information! We always enjoy hearing what customers are doing, and we will take it into consideration for future releases.

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answered 16 Aug '11, 14:51

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