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Hi Gurus, We're beatin' our heads against the wall trying to figure this thing out and searching the web points to solutions in IQ - but not ASE. Therein lies the problem.

In Ruby this syntax:

dbh = DBI.connect("DBI:SQLAnywhere:DBN=xxx;HOST=host:port", user, pwd)

works great connecting to Sybase IQ - but when host:port is Sybase ASE it fails to connect.

Would anyone know if SQLAnywhere is the right adaptor for ASE and if so how might the connect string differ?


asked 03 Aug '11, 19:20

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Volker Barth

Unfortunately, the SQL Anywhere adapter is not capable of connecting to Sybase ASE databases. The SQL Anywhere adapter is capable of connecting to SQL Anywhere and IQ, but it not yet supported by Sybase ASE. I am not aware of any Ruby-DBI support for Sybase ASE.

I am not sure of the constraints of your project, but one thing you could consider is using JRuby, and using ASE's JDBC driver to make the connection.

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answered 03 Aug '11, 20:49

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Eric Farrar
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Thanks Eric for you response. Good to know at least it might not be me just being stupid with ASE. In the time after i posted a colleague of mine was able to finagle a Ruby-ODBC connection to work which as you suggested - ala JDBC - might be a workaround. So we'll take this as the solution until or if a DBI solution emerges.

Thanks again.


(03 Aug '11, 23:06) spragues
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