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I'm trying to migrate a db from MySQL to SA v11.0.1 and, as a complete newbie to things Sybase, I'm using the Migrate wizard in the MacOSX version of Sybase Central. Under its guidance I have created the target Sybase db and tested its connection. So far so good.

The wizard's next step is to invoke the Remote Server wizard. At one point in the process it asks for the connection information thus: "You provide the connection information; for example 'mydatasource' specifies using the ODBC datasource named 'mydatasource' to connect to the database."

Well, I've created such a datasource using the Mac's ODBC Admin utility and inserted its name as requested. When I test the connection I get this error:

" [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Could not load the store DLL "libdbcis11.dylib" SQLCODE: -646 SQLSTATE: HY000 SQL Statement: CREATE SERVER "netreg_remote 2010-04-29 02:55:43.677" CLASS 'MYSQLODBC' USING 'myacsp_odbc

from which I gather that the DLL didn't load, which for me is pretty unhelpful in that I don't know what steps to take to solve the error. It suggests to me that the original install of Sybase Central is incomplete although so far it functions just fine for what I require of it - creating and deleting databases, stopping and starting etc.

So, where do I go from here?

Lee MacOSX 5.8, Sybase Central 6.0.0 4739 SQL Anywhere Servoy 5.1.2

asked 28 Apr '10, 17:43

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Mark Culp

I'm neither using MacOS nor MySQL and so I can just try to give a few hints: 1. Is the libdbcis11.dylib file installed in the appropriate directory? If not, it might just have been excluded from the installation options (maybe under an option like "Remote data access"). 2. The version you are running is the 11.0.1 GA (generally available). You might test if the error disappears when you use the latest EBF - s. the "links" button how to get an EBF.

(29 Apr '10, 08:12) Volker Barth

Sorry to say the answer is no on both counts. The libdbcs11.dylib file is in the right place, both before and after I reinstalled the EBF (build 4751). I even updated the ODBC driver from the recommended 3.51 version to the current 5.1 version. Fail.

This is very frustrating. I want to be a good Sybase citizen but suspect, based on my past and now near recent experience, and its history as reported in the forums, that Sybase doesn't exactly pay a lot of attention to the Mac platform.

(03 May '10, 14:47) Lee
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