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i have a database sql anywhere 7 but the file .db have 1.8 gb, i know the limit is 2gb, this is true? also i know exist 12 files but, how do it ?

asked 22 Jul '11, 12:07

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Volker Barth

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Did someone down-vote this question? That's just not right, it is a legitimate question that deserves (and got) an answer.

(25 Jul '11, 15:16) Breck Carter

No the limit of 2 GB vanished with NTFS file system, even FAT32 will allow more. The 2GB limit holds only if the file system is still FAT.

Today I would expect that you are using NTFS under windows, so no 2 GB barrier anymore!

check SQLA limits

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answered 22 Jul '11, 12:10

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applies to anywhere 7? because the database is slower day by day, then I have no problem if you pass the 2gb, and it is advisable to upgrade to a current version?

(22 Jul '11, 14:24) Enrique
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When I remeber correctly the limits mentioned above already applied to Version 7, anyway by upgrading to a current version you will gain a lot of good stuff.

(25 Jul '11, 03:13) Martin
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Strange thing: I added a comment and was about to edit it - and now it's gone... Please help, dear administrator...

(25 Jul '11, 05:03) Volker Barth
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I don't know for v7, but v8 surely states these limits as mentioned. For FAT32, the maximum file size is 4 GB.

Besides that, in case the recommended upgrading to a newer version is out of reach for some reason, you might also try to improve the database layout by the following means:

  1. Unloading/reloading the database (e.g. with the help of dbunload - that might even decrease the file size)
  2. Defragmenting the file/disk (e.g. by using SysInternals's Contig tools)
  3. Recreating indizes (though that is rarely needed with SQL Anywhere IMHO).

There's also a REORGANIZE TABLE statement to improve the storage of tables one by one, but I guess it's suuported for v8 and above...

(25 Jul '11, 05:07) Volker Barth

I swear I did not delete it :)

(25 Jul '11, 06:18) Breck Carter

Yes, I blame it solely on the undocumented "Monday morning auto delete function"...

(25 Jul '11, 06:44) Volker Barth

I see from the admin log that Volker made a comment about three hours ago and someone deleted it also about three hours ago... but I cannot tell who?

(25 Jul '11, 07:33) Mark Culp
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Well, I was about to edit the comment immediately after creating it. But possibly I just clicked on the wrong button (though "edit" and "delete" are not direct neighbours) - and it would need a remarkable lack of coffee when I would have accidentally confirmed the delete question, too... Correction: No, it wouldn't need that lack as there is no confirmation dialog...

Some things just have to stay mysterious:)No, I guess then it's simply that I chose the wrong button - unless other evidence comes up...

(25 Jul '11, 07:55) Volker Barth

There is no confirmation dialog for editing, but there should be one for deleting. It is still on my list to change the confirmation dialog to indicate what you are trying to do, i.e. "Are you sure you want to delete this comment?" rather than "Are you sure?"

(25 Jul '11, 09:10) Graeme Perrow
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Well, when deleting a comment, there's no confirmation dialog at all - the delete works immediately. Cf. this image taken from a comment I have just recently deleted:

The comment

(25 Jul '11, 10:15) Volker Barth

Hm, I should've changed the image background colour - now I'm waiting for someone trying to click the "buttons" in the image above:)

(25 Jul '11, 10:17) Volker Barth

Yes, your previous comment is quite confusing... it took me a few seconds to figure out what had been done... I initially thought that there was a bug in the forum that was being exposed!

(25 Jul '11, 10:57) Mark Culp

Well, I'd like to change the background colour (I even did in the local image file) - but unfortunately, now it's too late to edit my comment.


(25 Jul '11, 11:53) Volker Barth
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From the SQL Anywhere 7 Help...

ASA Reference 
  CHAPTER 13. Physical Limitations     
    Size and number limitations

File size (FAT 12)
16 MB

File size (FAT 16)
2 GB

File size (FAT 32)
4 GB

File size (NTFS, HP-UX 11.0 and later, Solaris 2.6 and later)
256 GB (for 1K pages)
512 GB (for 2K pages)
1 TB (for 4K pages)

File size (all other platforms and file systems)
2 GB
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answered 25 Jul '11, 06:17

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Breck Carter
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