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Also how might it relate to Page Size in SQL Anywhere.


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Take a look at my answer to a similar question that asked about what NTFS allocation size should be used for an 8k database page size.

Short answer is that it doesn't really matter if you are not that concerned about getting optimal performance. If you want best performance and best probability that your file system is not going to corrupt your database file then it is likely best to match your page size to the file system page size (and natural disk sector size).... but you need to be careful if your file system sector size is too large (16K or 32K) since other effects can kick in - e.g. wasted cache memory due to using a page size which is too large for your database schema and application usage pattern. I.e. if your file system sector size is 16K or 32K then I would suggest that you do a performance evaluation between using a 16K (or 32K) database page size and an 8k (and/or 4K) page size.

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answered 22 Jul '11, 09:33

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Thanks, I did see and read that answer after posting! Now I need to do some leg work to see what DB page size is ideal for my case then select an appropriate cluster size from that.

(22 Jul '11, 09:57) ivankb
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