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...over there, on shapado itself:

FYI here is a subjective comparison of three alternatives to StackExchange:

asked 18 Apr '10, 13:09

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Breck Carter
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When I click the Shapado link, it asks me if I want to download a program, is that an expected behaviour?

(19 Apr '10, 13:07) Rob Waywell

@Rob: I didn't/don't see that particular behavior. Here's what I do see: It asks me to log in to shapado, and when I click on the "Google" link (which is how I registered), it sends me to the page from whence I came (this page). Then, when I click on the link again, it opens up the shapado page with a message that I am now logged in. So, there's more than one funky thing going on.

(20 Apr '10, 09:46) Breck Carter

@all: Does anyone else see what Rob saw? Anyone know what it is? A benign plugin of some sort, or something nefarious?

(20 Apr '10, 09:46) Breck Carter

[placeholder answer]

permanent link

answered 19 Aug '10, 16:29

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Breck Carter
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