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From: Ivan Zivkovic

Newsgroups: ianywhere.public.general

Subject: Frequent Assertion error on 9.02.3924

Date: 12 Apr 2010 02:27:42 -0700

Hi all,

SQL Anywhere 9.02.3924 OS Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2

I have database that was running for a long time on same server.

Recently Assertion error started to happen. First time that happened it was * ERROR * Assertion failed: 101412 ( Page number on page does not match page requested

I did unload/reload of database (without ordering data) and everything continued to work OK. In next 24 hours I got

* ERROR * Assertion failed: 201425 ( E. 03/12 21:20:08. Invalid count or free space offset detected on a free list page

After this error I had to unload/reload without table where problem was reported with dbvalid.

After this assertion error started to happen regularly at least once a day, every day. Than I moved database file to another server where it is working without any problem few weeks.

What can cause this problems?

Any help is appreciate.

Best Regards,


asked 12 Apr '10, 10:22

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Breck Carter
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The fact that the database works OK on a different server is very strong evidence that it is a hardware problem on the original server.

The hard drive or RAM on the original server is probably faulty. The symptoms point to "hard drive" but faulty RAM can cause the same symptoms: the data coming from the drive may be OK but it is getting messed up in the RAM, and it is the data in RAM that is checked by SQL Anywhere for validity.

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answered 12 Apr '10, 10:27

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Breck Carter
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It is highly likely a faulty RAM. Some time ago, I had an ASA9 server sporadically crashing on my workstation. Memtest found a broken memory cell at some higher address, after RAM replacement everything was fine.

(12 Apr '10, 14:12) Dmitri

From personal experience, I must say I agree with Dmitri: I see RAM problems which mimic hard drive failures more often than actual hard drive failures. RAM problems can be worse, in that a hard drive problem may remain localized on the drive whereas a RAM problem can end up corrupting more and more of the data stored on the drive as the RAM errors garble more and more of the data passing through. If anyone suspects RAM the immediate reaction should be "power off" (stop further damage).

(13 Apr '10, 08:58) Breck Carter
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