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I am using SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 version.

Problem: I can access remote DB using dbisql utility by providing HOST as remote system ip address.

I am starting database using dbsrv9.exe utility.

Is there any way to restrict the remote access on this database?

Thanks in advance

asked 04 Jul '11, 02:55

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Mark Culp

Do you mean you want to run the database server (dbsrv9) instead of the personal engine (dbeng9) but want to allow only local access - i.e. prevent client connections from other machines?

Then this Q&A does exactly answer your question.

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answered 04 Jul '11, 03:51

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Volker Barth
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Thanks Volker for the reference.

From this, I can assume that dbsrvX.exe doesn't provide any way to restrict remote access(using switch or by any other mean).

(05 Jul '11, 05:04) Vineet
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No, that's not my conclusion.

In order to restrict remote access, you can either

  • use dbengX or
  • use dbsrvX with the -x tcpip{localonly=yes} option.
(05 Jul '11, 05:20) Volker Barth

AFAIK, a third possibility is to restrict TCP/IP connections altogether by

  • use dbsrvX with the -x none option.

That enables only shared memory connections and won't enable local TDS connections (e.g. jConnect) and may not support all variants of connections between local clients and services/terminal services, cf. the docs.

(05 Jul '11, 08:55) Volker Barth
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