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Using ASA 10 on a windows windows server 2003. I have a stored procedure defined with 'No Result Set' defined. Table a has a trigger that inserts into table B. Table B has a trigger that at the end we have added a call to the new stored procedure. I am getting an error message that says 'Result set not permitted in 'sp_insert_rpt_q_generic' (the new procedure). Not sure what is causing this. Tried debugging but get error message before hitting first line of sp.

example of proc call:

call dba.sp_insert_rpt_q_generic(
@ls_reference,0,null,null,new_name.incident_id,null,current user,null,null)

example of proc dec:

create PROCEDURE "DBA"."sp_insert_rpt_q_generic"(
@invrefnum varchar(10),@rpt_id integer,@a_pts char(200),@dw_report char(75),@a_inc 
char(20),@statusid integer,@a_who char(15),@objid integer,@SS_snd integer)

I do select information into variables in the proc, but none are returned only inserted into a table (if I ever get that far).

We did try recreating this as a function but same issue.

Any input or ideas would be appreciated.

asked 30 Jun '11, 11:49

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Siger Matt

Is the last statement before the end statement of the procedure some sort of select or return ?

Does the insert into the temporary table cause any triggers to fire that might return something?

(30 Jun '11, 12:24) Siger Matt

"if I ever get that far" - MESSAGE statements inside the STP (in combination with dbsrv10 -o Log.txt) are fine to find out how far you are going - as is the stored procedure debugger....

(30 Jun '11, 12:49) Volker Barth

Well I was using the debugger, that was what was frustrating me. After reading the replies realized that the debugger was set to debug a specific user id. Reset debugger to all users and was able to find the issue (a malformed sql statement). Once corrected all went well.

Thanks again for the input

(30 Jun '11, 15:06) trexco
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That's just nasty: "set to debug a specific user id"... I could see myself struggling for HOURS before realizing that :)

(01 Jul '11, 14:29) Breck Carter
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