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Using SQL, how can I get the same list as "Connected Users" tab in Sybase Central? (SQL Anywhwere 9.0)

asked 30 Jun '11, 08:53

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I guess

call sa_conn_info()

will give you the desired information - at least partially. Here's the doc for 12.0.1.

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answered 30 Jun '11, 09:42

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Volker Barth
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Thanks for the pointer. I found sa_conn_activity procedure that does a similar job and altered it to include some other properties I needed.

(04 Jul '11, 02:49) henginy
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I hope by "altered it" you really mean that you defined your own procedure with a different name with similar code? If not, then I highly recommend that you not actually change the definition of dbo.sa_conn_activity() because if you do you will lose your definition (and it will be revert back to the original) if you ever unload/reload your database or do a ALTER DATABASE PROCEDURE ON.

(04 Jul '11, 11:13) Mark Culp

or an "ALTER DATABASE UPGRADE PROCEDURE ON" - yes, one of my current favourites:)

(04 Jul '11, 11:24) Volker Barth

I had to change the actual procedure. Yeah, I know. I tried to define my own but there's a "next_connection" function call inside and I cannot access it in my own procs (is that possible?). Actually this is all about monitoring incoming queries to the server. My .NET program saves a copy of the original definition and pushes its own version. So both versions are safe. There might be a better way to do the same thing, but I haven't come across any yet.

(05 Jul '11, 03:26) henginy

Of course you can use the next_connection() function in your own code - typically in a loop, e.g. something like

declare nConnId integer;
set nConnId = (select next_connection(null));
while nConnId is not null loop
  -- do something with nConnId
  set nConnId = (select next_connection(nConnId));
end loop;
(05 Jul '11, 04:27) Volker Barth
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You can type only: select number from sa_conn_info();

(05 Oct '12, 08:19) LGregianin

Sure you can. However, here my point was to show how to use a next_connection() loop...

(05 Oct '12, 08:51) Volker Barth
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