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When I try to delete a row in a table, I get an error!

"The selected row could not be delete. Prodcedure or tigger calls have nested too deeply"


asked 03 Apr '10, 21:23

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Volker Barth

Andrew... can you post details of your table and the related triggers?

(03 Apr '10, 22:34) Ron Hiner

This error occurs if there is a delete trigger on the table which causes another action - e.g. another insert, update, or delete - which causes another trigger or procedure to be called and that trigger/procedure causes another action to occur which causes another trigger/procedure to be called and that trigger/procedure causes another action to occur which .... etc, etc, etc ... until the nesting of calls to triggers or procedures is so deep that the database server go no longer processs the trigger/procedure call.

i.e. you have a run-away recursion in one of your (delete) triggers on the table.

For example, does your delete trigger attempt to delete another row in the same table? (which would then fire the trigger again!)

To resolve the problem, you need to first find the source of the recursion and then determine a way to stop the recursion before the nesting goes too deep.

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answered 03 Apr '10, 23:02

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Mark Culp
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As an addition to Mark's answer, I'd suggest that you take a look at the stored procedure debugger to help step through the process and figure out where it is going off the rails.

(07 Apr '10, 14:42) Rob Waywell
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