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Towards the end of the installation of Sybase Anywhere Version 12, a Sybase Central error: 'Could not create the Java virtual machine' displays and the installation has to be aborted. What is the cause and fix for this error.

asked 15 Jun '11, 12:07

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Could you post the version of Sybase Central you are using? Please quote the version number (including the build number) as it appears in the Sybase Central "About" window. The algorithm used to set the upper memory limit changed recently, and the version & build numbers are key to getting a good answer to your question.

(20 Jun '11, 15:49) Chris Irie

In my case the version for Sybase Central is

(21 Jun '11, 06:54) pasha19

Tried the /3GB switch in the Boot.ini. Didn't seem to make any difference. Still cannot install V12. Same error.

(01 Jul '11, 08:50) Bryan

The next EBF (the current one is build 3356) will have this issue fixed. For now, if you type scjview -batch in a command window, it will create an scjview.bat file. Edit the file and change '-Xmx1000m' to '-Xmx200m'. Run the batch file and it should work fine.

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answered 06 Jul '11, 15:17

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I have the same error; I installed a second gig of ram on a machine which had a functional copy of SQL Anywhere V12 and Sybase Central would not open due to this error. The following are in the actual order performed. I uninstalled and reinstalled Java and there was no change. I uninstalled and attempted to reinstall SqlAnywhere V12 and it will not install due to the same error reported by this user.

Some web research indicates this may be a Windows / Java heap allocation issue involving fragmented address spaces due to dll rebasing (placement) in the address space. I am attempting now to see if the Windows XP "/3GB" switch will resolve the issue (as claimed is possible from the sources); it does not. This means there COULD still be a rebasing issue preventing the creation of the desired contiguous JAVA heap allocation. Assuming any of this is accurate has anyone else encountered this issue and can they suggest a resolution?

I reconfigured back to the 1GB configuration this time using the new memory module instead of the old memory module, SQL Anywhere is operational but in need of additional memory according to the console to hold the requirements for cached data.

I tested rebase changes this weekend -- they did not resolve the issue with adding the second GB of memory (PS the rebase worked with only 1GB of memory). I also removed the hibernate file (for windows) that too small after the addition of the 2nd GB of memory and it had no effect on the inability of the Java Virtual Machine to be created.

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answered 15 Jun '11, 21:52

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We are using Sybase SQL Anywhere 12 running on Windows XP Pro/SP3. The error occurs during the installation of V12...we've tried deselecting Sybase Central during the installation or anything else that looks like it might make direct use of the Java Virtual Machine, but the installation will not complete. It appears that the installation scripts use Java and fails before any components are successfully installed; seems like an installation script problem. We're redownloaded the installation files, etc. No success.

(20 Jun '11, 16:27) Bryan

The Title of the error window says "Sybase Central", as I recall, but we never actually get a successful install, so we are unable to provide a version number for Sybase Central.

(20 Jun '11, 16:32) Bryan
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