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Is there any way to convert some column from iso to utf8?

Something like... SELECT Id, UTF8(Name FROM table;

I need because JSON issue, i need to convert it in PHP using utf8 funcions... I'd like to receive the data already converted.

asked 31 Mar '10, 20:59

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Breck Carter


Did you try CSCONVERT?

(31 Mar '10, 21:17) Vincent Buck

Also consider casting the column to NCHAR using TO_NCHAR( col ) or CAST( col as NCHAR ). You can also then manipulate the string as UTF8 within the database server itself as needed. I'm expecting (though I haven't tried it) that JSON will do "the right thing" with NCHAR values.


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answered 01 Apr '10, 15:08

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John Smirnios
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Vincent has pointed you in the right direction in his comment to your question.

If you want to convert your data from database character to UTF8 then using

set @utf8_data = csconvert( @your_db_char_data, 'utf8' );

will convert @your_db_char_data from the database character set to UTF8.

For more information on the csconvert function see

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answered 01 Apr '10, 12:06

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Mark Culp
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(01 Apr '10, 16:50) Breck Carter
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