I have an .NET 3.5 Application and I use SACommand with an SQL "load table" statement to load data from a asciifile to a table of an SQl Anywhere 12 database. If I have only a few datasets it run's perfect but if I have some more (< 10.000) datasets I got a timeout.

code example:

string Query = "load Table P_Texte from 'C:\kakomdb.server\communic \P_Texte.txt'";

SACommand cmd = Sybase12Con.CreateCommand();
cmd.CommandText = Query;
cmd.CommandTimeout = 1200;

If I use "load table" and the same big asciifile directly with Interactive SQL it run's fast and perfect too.

I use a network database connection for both cases.

Any advice to solve this problem?

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try cmd.CommandTimeout=0 this should disable the timeout mechanism

(07 Jun '11, 07:03) Martin

(Note: I do not use SACommand with .NET so I have not tested this.)

According to the docs, the CommandTimeout property is not supported by the SQL Anywhere .NET Data Provider.

As to the docs, to set a request timeout (here for 30 seconds), use the following example.

cmd.CommandText = "SET OPTION request_timeout = 30";
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answered 07 Jun '11, 04:32

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Volker Barth
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funny in 11.0.1 it is not said to be non implemented.

(07 Jun '11, 07:03) Martin

You probably want to only set request_timeout for the current connection:

SET TEMPORARY OPTION request_timeout = 30

so that the option is not set for all connections with the same user.

(07 Jun '11, 08:45) Ian McHardy
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BTW, isn't 0 the default value - i.e. no timeout at all? Or does ADO.Net have a different default value?

(07 Jun '11, 09:08) Volker Barth
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