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Is there any news of UltraLite for Android and iPhone OS? I hope that support is in the works given that UltraLite is available for RIM OS, Windows Mobile and Palm OS, which combined are projected to have a lower share of the prospective buyers market than iPhone OS alone. Android based devices closely follow iPhone OS among expected future smartphone purchases. The iPhone OS beta was announced last November, but I haven't seen any updates about it since.

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SQL Anywhere UltraLite for iPhone is currently in beta. As Breck pointed out in his answer, the iPhone was mentioned in last week's press release about spatial support, and in fact the demonstration given at the ESRI conference was running on the iPhone, as the screen shot in Breck's answer indicates. We haven't announced the GA dates yet, other than "available in the 2nd half of 2010", which as was pointed out elsewhere by Breck starts on July 1.

As for Android, we continue to watch for interest in the Android platform, and in particular, interest for enterprise type of applications requiring robust data storage AND synchronization with enterprise backend systems.

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Dunno about Android, but iPhone is coming soon.

"Use of spatial data on all of the platforms supported by SQL Anywhere, from Linux, Unix, Mac OS, Windows, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile"

iPhone demo

"Our demonstration application simulates an application used to control a city event such as a parade. It is a geo-spatial mobile application on an iPhone and displays an event route in a city."

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