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I know, I know, it's really early to ask that question - but are there already ideas/trends whether the official iAnywhere staff is going to support this site?

So I would like to start a discussion on that question.

And would users like to shift from the well-known NNTP groups to this one?

If so, what would the expect?

(Sorry, obviously there are more than one question here - I hope the administrator don't mind:)

asked 12 Nov '09, 20:40

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Volker Barth
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Graeme Perrow


The administrator does not mind :)... at the moment, the volume is too low to care about rules, rules, rules. Plus, this is SQL Anywhere we are talking about, where iAnywhere staff have taken the lead role in answering questions for many years, making some rules-of-behavior unnecessary. I.e., there's no shortage of talent to answer questions. To put it another (blunter) way, there's never really been a real need for an outside "Team Sybase" presence in the SQL Anywhere newsgroups, the Engineering and Tech Support and Professional Services people more than fill the need.

(13 Nov '09, 04:35) Breck Carter

...and to put it yet another way, Microsoft might need MVPs but not iAnywhere :)

(13 Nov '09, 04:36) Breck Carter

The question has been closed for the following reason "Question is out of date" by Graeme Perrow 13 Jul '11, 11:06

We on the SQL Anywhere team welcome the creation of a community sponsored forum for discussions about SQL Anywhere.

We view this as a trial, and are watching to see if a community forms around it. In general, our position on SQL Anywhere staff being active on this forum is that they can feel free to answer questions in areas where they have expertise. We do view that one important aspect of a community sponsored forum such as this is that the community itself take some responsibilities. Therefore we have asked our staff to try to allow time for the community itself to provide the answer, rather than jumping right in with the first answer.

Some of our staff do favour the NNTP discussion thread and offline reader approach , and will continue to be active there. It has also been pointed out that there are product discussions where the NNTP threaded approach is better. At this point, we expect that the NNTP newsgroups will continue to be quite active.

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answered 13 Nov '09, 15:19

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Dave Neudoer...
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Well, it's quite early for sure...but I'm glad to see the (not unexpected) interest from the iAnywhere staff so far.

Clearly a sign of hope:)

Obviously my question arises from the really positive experiences with a lot of helpful and friendly people from the NNTP groups. It's just that kind of community one won't leave behind. Therefore, for the moment, a co-existence seems to be the best approach.

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answered 13 Nov '09, 20:40

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Volker Barth
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Note: I'm a student co-op on placement at iAnywhere and this is simply my personal opinion. It should not be taken as the official position of the company.

If you take a look at user's profiles, you'll notice that many of us are actually iAnywhere employees. Many of our Product Managers and Engineers have answered questions already.

I think many of us internally have experience with Stack Overflow and like the medium for information. This is an easy way for us to spend a few minutes in between tasks helping our users.

Breck is spearheading this site, and from the tone of this answer it sounds like SQLA will have support at least for a while.

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answered 13 Nov '09, 01:52

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Ben S
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edited 13 Nov '09, 14:28


Yes, indeed, SQLA will have support at least for a while... although, I must say, it might be illegal to have this much fun :)

(13 Nov '09, 04:22) Breck Carter

And now - let's consider this case successfully closed:)

alt text

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answered 18 Mar '11, 12:16

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Volker Barth
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