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Is it possible to change the database server name provided through the -n option during runtime?

Is it possible to add an alias to the server name during runtime?

asked 12 May '11, 07:12

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How would you expect running clients to behave, based on the fact the server name is usually a very important part of the connection string (at least for pre-12 servers, v12's HOST may make this less necessary)?

(12 May '11, 07:30) Volker Barth
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For v12 this seems to be the solution I am looking for

(12 May '11, 08:56) Martin

No, and no.

I am curious: What do you need it for?

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answered 12 May '11, 07:57

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Breck Carter
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I am more interested in the second part to enable or disable an alias for the server name. This would be of use for us at times a client is switching between machines with identical databases.

(12 May '11, 08:46) Martin

When you start a database you can specify an alternate server name for the database. This is an additional server name that can be used only to connect to the database. The alternate server name is the closest thing to changing the server name that SQL Anywhere supports.

High availability uses alternate server names so that a client can use the alternate server name for the database. This alternate server name will be used by which ever of the two partner servers is currently the primary. Perhaps you should consider using high availability which will do this automatically for you.

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answered 12 May '11, 09:06

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Ian McHardy
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Interestingly - I always have thought -sn is only useful/allowed when using HA. But it isn't, apparently, if I do understand this correctly:)

Obviously when not using HA, you would have to make sure yourself that only one server at a time does use that according -sn alternate server name.

(12 May '11, 09:19) Volker Barth

Thanks Ian, can I change this alternate name for a database during runtime?

(12 May '11, 10:23) Martin
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Unfortunately No. An alternate server name can only be specified when starting a database. The is no way to change or add a alternate server name for a running database. Note that you can start and stop databases on a running server.

(12 May '11, 10:43) Ian McHardy
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