Is it possible to create a materialized view which uses a parameter during manual refresh? Something like

select * from X where > PARAM

So that e.g. each week the materialized view can be refreshed to reflect the values of last week or so...

asked 29 Apr '11, 12:06

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I guess you do not want to use an ordinary view (e.g. something like

select * from x where datediff(dd,, current date) >= 7

for performance reasons. May a global shared by all temporary table be of help? (I'm aware that temporary tables do not get used by view matching.)

(29 Apr '11, 18:50) Volker Barth

No, not at this time.

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answered 29 Apr '11, 13:34

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Glenn Paulley
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Am I right that a (CREATE) VARIABLE won't do, either, as it is connection-specific by default, and that would be non-deterministic, too?

(I'm asking as using such a variable would be a common way to parametrize a normal view.)

(03 May '11, 03:29) Volker Barth

If you maintain 'paramtable' with exactly one row representing the current parameter value, then your view can be declared immediate and also can be used for cost-based view matching by the SQL Anywhere Optimizer for queries which don't mention 'paramtable': to let the optimizer know that paramtable has exactly one row, add a primary key column. This is one solution. Other solutions exist as well.


create table paramtable (PK int not null primary key, A_PARAM int);

insert into paramtable (PK,A_PARAM) values (1, NULL);

update paramtable set A_PARAM=PARAM;

-- This materialized view can be declared immediate
-- and will be also used by the optimizer if the
-- query references only the table 'X'
select * from X, paramtable
where > paramtable.A_PARAM and paramtable.PK = 1;
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answered 02 May '11, 17:16

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Nica _SAP
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Volker Barth

The workaround I use is an extra table just with the value of the parameter and then in the materialized view:

select * from X where > (select max(PARAM) from paramtable)

Not elegant but it works.

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answered 02 May '11, 02:37

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I'm assuming you are calling the MV explicitly in your queries (instead of relying on view matching)?

(02 May '11, 03:17) Volker Barth
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yes, I am not using the view for the optimizer

(02 May '11, 07:24) Martin
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