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I'm a little confused... I'm trying to do a soap call a web service with a couple parameters... and I can't find any documentation that tells me what the right syntax is... and trial and error hasn't gotten me very far.

The service is at The method is called doAuthenticate The method has two parameters named in0 and in1. The method should return a string

I started by creating this function, and it works great to show me the wsdl... :::SQL

CREATE FUNCTION "rhiner"."test1"()
returns long varchar
url '' 
type 'http:get'

An then I get stuck...where do I put the method name? I tried this, but it didn't work. And I don't know where to put the two parameters.


CREATE FUNCTION "rhiner"."test1"()
returns long varchar
url '' 
type 'soap'

I'm using 9.0.2. (I can easily upgrade for this project it that is helpful here.)


asked 20 Apr '11, 11:02

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Ron Hiner
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By default, the operation name is the same as the name of your SQL function. The parameters "in1" and "in2" should be parameters to the SQL function.

You can also set the SOAP operation as described in CREATE FUNCTION statement (web clients)

To quote that page:

'SOAP(OP[ERATION]=soap-operation-name)' (SOAP only) This option allows you to specify the name of the SOAP operation, if it is different from the name of the procedure you are creating. The value of OPERATION is analogous to the name of a remote procedure call. For example, if you wanted to create a procedure called accounts_login that calls a SOAP operation called login, you would specify something like the following:

CREATE FUNCTION accounts_login( 
    name LONG VARCHAR, 
    pwd LONG VARCHAR )

If the OPERATION option is not specified, the name of the SOAP operation must match the name of the procedure you are creating.

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answered 20 Apr '11, 11:17

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Phil Mitchell
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edited 20 Apr '11, 11:18

Thanks Phil -- yet another reason to upgrade from 9.0.2. Looks like the OPERATION was added later.

(20 Apr '11, 11:48) Ron Hiner

In 9.0.2 the procedure name is mapped the SOAP operation. If you do decide to upgrade, you can use wsdlc.exe to automatically generate SQL stored procedures (functions) to WSDL/DISH services.

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answered 20 Apr '11, 12:31

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