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This is a follow-up to this question.

When using ASA 8 or 9, how can I change an existing log file to make use of strong encryption instead of simple encryption (aka obfuscation)?

CREATE ENCRYPTED FILE is the statement of choice here, and with v12 it easily allows to encrypt simply encrypted files, but with v8 and v9 it does not. It just tells they are already encrypted.

Unfortunately, the contrary CREATE DECRYPTED FILE statement does not support decryption of simply encrypted files, either, as it expects a valid AES key clause. Given any key, it displays an error message telling the file is simply encrypted. And there's no option to specify that the file is simply encrypted.

It seems that the only way to make this change would be doing an unload/reload but that doesn't affect existing log files.

Some kind of deadlock, I assume:(

(Tested on Win32 with,,

asked 15 Apr '11, 11:51

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Volker Barth
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Well, according to Graeme's answer on my other question it's not possible at all:

Version 8 and 9 cannot convert a simple-encrypted file into a strongly-encrypted file. V10 and up can do it, but as you said they can't read the v8 format.

As both versions are long EOL'ed it seems that I might be the first one to ask for that - so I'm gonna use another way:)

permanent link

answered 18 Apr '11, 03:53

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Volker Barth
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