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Someone at Sybase has probably already noticed this but just in case. The last email notification I received seems to be using your internal IP address for

Hello Daz Liquid,

Graeme Perrow has just posted a comment on the question SQL query to get all database names

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asked 11 Apr '11, 14:54

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Daz Liquid
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closed 09 Jun '11, 06:42

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Graeme Perrow

The question has been closed for the following reason "This question won't help future visitors" by Graeme Perrow 09 Jun '11, 06:42

Sorry, that was me doing some testing and debugging on a test server but I did not turn email notifications off. Actually, I thought I had, but obviously not. My apologies.

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answered 11 Apr '11, 14:57

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Graeme Perrow
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wikified 12 Apr '11, 06:15

Wikified - Graeme, thou art a noble man of great honour!

If I just could give a bounty:)

(12 Apr '11, 06:48) Volker Barth

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