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hi, I am very much new to sybase... I just want to know is it possible to copy data and structure of Sybase Tables to SQL CE. I want to copy whole data and structure from my Sybase Db to SQL CE Db. if possible , can some one suggest me how it can be done.

I have searched lot on internet but can't find anything related to Sybase to SQL CE.

Thanks & Regards, Joyous Suhas

asked 29 Mar '11, 01:06

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Can you be more explicit about which products you are asking about? Is your existing database Sybase SQLAnywhere or Sybase ASE - they are entirely different products, so the answers are likely to be different. Also which versions of each of the products? That information should enable you to get a helpful answer more quickly - or at least pointers in the right direction.

(29 Mar '11, 07:41) Justin Willey

We still use SQL Anywhere 5.5.4 with its ODBC-interface and we have to migrate to SQL CE. so i want to convert all databases to SQL CE with its structure and Data. Is it possible?

(29 Mar '11, 23:59) suhas
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As Volker says in his answer - if you are looking to go from SQLA 5 to MS SQL Server Compact Edition, you will need to look at the migration tools Microsoft (or third parties) provide for accessing ODBC data.

From what I remember DTS doesn't include support for MS SQL Server CE, so you first convert to normal SQL Server and then use the SQL Server Express Edition Toolkit - help with that stage would probably be best found on an MS forum.

Conversion to SQL Server with DTS should be fairly straight forward, SQLA 5 will look like a normal ODBC data source with system tables etc.

(30 Mar '11, 08:23) Justin Willey

If you are using SQL Anywhere then all you need to do to copy your data from one platform to another is to copy the database... since SQL Anywhere databases are platform independent and can be easily copied from one computer to another by simply doing file copies.

If you are using one of the other Sybase datatabase products - IQ, ASE, ADS - then you will likely need to transfer your data from that product into SQL Anywhere since AFAIK these products don't have versions that run on CE. To copy your data you have a couple of solutions but the easiest may be to use Proxy Tables.

Another solution is to use Mobilink to sync the data from your current database to the SQL Anywhere or Ultralite database running on your CE device.

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answered 29 Mar '11, 08:57

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Mark Culp
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hi, so there is no utility or software to transfer SQL Anywhere data and structure to SQL CE .SDF file?

Actually we have lots of tables and database, and we have to convert this into .SDF file to use in our .Net and VB Application.

Thanks & Regards, Joyous Suhas

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answered 30 Mar '11, 02:19

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What is SQL CE - do you mean MS SQL Server Compact Edition?

If so, what version? Have you tried the MS "Data Transfer Wizard" (I don't know if that tool exists for CE but it exists for the normal Windows editions.)

(30 Mar '11, 03:28) Volker Barth

Joyous - just curious, but why are you looking to migrate from SQL Anywhere to SQL CE? SQL Anywhere can run on both Windows and Windows Mobile.

(30 Mar '11, 13:09) José Ramos

In addition to José's comments, SQL Anywhere also fully supports .NET and VB application development.

(31 Mar '11, 12:49) Chris Kleisath

@jose Ramos,

SQL Anywhere costs runtime fees for desktop-deployment to many users (more than 10.000), SQLCe does not.

So we do not want to use SQLCe as mobile DB, but as lightweight embedded desktop-engine without any (license-)cost.

(01 Apr '11, 00:25) suhas
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OK - thanks for the details. I believe I can help you out by providing some options. We can discuss offline - would you mind sending me a message to (replace at with @) about this?

Please keep in mind the hidden costs associated with SQLCE. Although it's free to deploy, it does lack functionality that is standard in relational databases (stored procs, triggers, SQL functions to name a few). It also has a lot less emphasis when it comes to self-management. What all this means is that even though you are getting a 'free' database, it's likely that you will need to spend time, money and resources for additional development and maintenance expenditures. This is the reason why SQL Anywhere is so successful as an embedded database engine - it provides high performance, a great feature set and self-management features. We can definitely discuss further offline.

(01 Apr '11, 15:40) José Ramos
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