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(the Title says it all)

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asked 12 Nov '09, 06:24

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Breck Carter
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edited 11 Jan '14, 07:48

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Graeme Perrow

Quick! The pirate who runs SQLA has just offered another bounty! Post an answer, and I will non-randomly pick a winner! Completely subjective!

(20 Nov '09, 11:16) Breck Carter

Maybe this needs an updated answer?

(20 Mar '11, 10:40) Tom Slee
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Well, the answer is still the same: No, SQLA is not owned by Sybase, SQLAnywhere-Forum is :)

(20 Mar '11, 14:26) Breck Carter

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If you are asking about this site (, then yes, it is owned and operated by Sybase. However, the original question was asking about the old site,, which was owned and operated by Breck Carter, whose original answer is below.

No, it is independently owned and operated. Sybase and iAnywhere Solutions employees are more than welcome to participate, as they have for many years on the NNTP forums, and they shall be treated with the same high level of respect that everyone will receive on this site.

But they don't run SQLA.

That brings up the next question...

Q: Who pays for SQLA?

A: That is a moot point at this moment. StackExchange is in free beta now, and when it goes live there will be a 45-day free trial. Judging by the current level of [ahem] crunchiness in the StackExchange software, I think it's gonna be months before money becomes an issue.

Actually, let me restate: the parts of StackExchange that SQLA is currently using seem to be working quite well, but there are gaps... features that SQLA must have, eventually.

Like "Download Your StackExchange Database". Folks who read my blog will realize how incongruous that is, me going without a backup: Web 2.0 Meets Database 101.

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answered 12 Nov '09, 06:27

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Breck Carter
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edited 21 Mar '11, 10:45

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Graeme Perrow


I think that SQLA can paid itself with ads and donations.

(12 Nov '09, 15:50) Zote

C'mon, that's not fair (well not all pirates are, even if some movies try to make you believe that): the pirate calls out a quest, offers a bounty and then does it all himself, supplying a more then complete answer. Nothing left to say for us mortal souls, the pirate surely does know his own ship!

But I thought it could not hurt to write an answer anyway, so here it is.

NB: You would not grab the bounty for yourself I thought (wouldn't you?).

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answered 20 Nov '09, 13:47

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Reimer Pods
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No, I can't bounty myself, that would be cheating :)

(20 Nov '09, 16:05) Breck Carter

PS you've won the lottery once today already... in theory you could win it again, twice, and you're the ONLY one who can win at the moment.

(20 Nov '09, 16:06) Breck Carter

PPS each bounty consists of 50 of my own points, plus 50 points the system adds. All of it's like printing money, monetizing the debt, whatever they call it now.

(20 Nov '09, 16:09) Breck Carter

OK, the clock ticked over (at least, it did in my timezone), time to pick a winner... and... hey, look at that! Reimer Pods again! More points for you!

(21 Nov '09, 07:56) Breck Carter

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